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The site’s been quiet for a while, but with good reason.

I’ve been busy at Dig Boston (aka Boston’s Weekly Dig). Check out the articles I’ve written, specifically those regarding the MBTA hearings or my surprisingly popular piece on Occupy Lent.

Balancing a busy internship with senior year of college means me being too lazy to blog. No big deal I’m sure, because I probably only have one loyal follower/stalker anyways.

I’ve also gotten some creative writing published so be sure to click the links and read!

Crossing the River” is about a boy who wants to prove he’s as tough as his badass big brother. It was published in Issue 10 of the online journal Imitation Fruit.

It’s Complicated” is an essay about ethnicity and perception of self and others. It was published by online journal Solstice Magazine.

I look forward to writing a lot more in the future and hope to get more readers who for some reason care about what I have to say. Stay tuned!