Klitschko Dominates Haye in Boring Fashion

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Boxing, Sports
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Klitschko lands a right on Haye

The most hyped heavyweight fight in recent memory proved to be another boring victory for Wladimir Klitschko, who finally shut up the belligerent David Haye to win a unanimous decision.

The bad blood between the Brit and the Klitschko brothers helped promote the fight, more than two years in the making. However, the fight lacked any of the passion or drama of the pre-fight antics and insults. It was a slow, tactical fight with few exchanges.

Klitschko’s jabs, occasional leading left hooks and rare straight rights held Haye’s wild haymakers at bay. Haye showed good movement while avoiding jabs but never used it to get inside. “The Hayemaker” expected to end the fight with one punch and often missed, ending up off-blance and occasionally getting pushed to the floor.

Eventually, Haye began intentionally flopping to the ground. It was obvious to everyone but the ref, who docked a point from Klitschko in seventh. He made up for this by ruling Haye’s flop in the eleventh a knockdown, creatively disciplining Haye.

While Haye landed a big right in the twelfth and final round to stun Klitschko, the Ukranian managed to compose himself and keep Haye away with his jabs, avoiding any real danger of being knocked out.

Klitschko won a unanimous decision with scores of 117-109, 118-108, and 116-110. I had it 118-108. His record is now 56 (49 KOs)-3-0 while Haye’s is 23 (23 KOs)-2.

The outcome wasn’t too surprising. Haye couldn’t deal with Klitschko’s jab and didn’t have the heart to get inside and trade. Despite showing a decent jab against Klitschko in the second and sixth, he didn’t use it to get in and instead swung wildly for his opponents chin. The man some believed could revitalize the heavyweight division embarrassed himself by flopping and not fighting.

It’s clear the Klitschko’s reign won’t end anytime soon.


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