Father John with Cardinal Sean Photo: by Matlack and courtesy of Cardinal Sean's blog

People were outraged when the Rainbow Ministy of St. Cecilia’s Church in Boston invited friends and supporters of the LGBT community to a special mass in honor of Gay Pride Month. In response to criticism, the Archdiocese canceled the Mass, saying that the wording in their press announcement “may have given the unintended impression that the Mass is in support of Gay Pride Week; it is not.” They added that the pastor would clarify the situation.

In a Huffington Post Article, Tom Matlack (founder of the Good Men Project) describes how the Church’s pastor, Father John Unni, clarified the situation:

What followed was one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever witnessed in any context. Apparently, Father John had an official message from the Archdiocese which he never read. Instead he walked amongst his flock, back and forth, speaking with so much passion that at times his face became red. He talked in the strongest terms possible about the importance of inclusion not exclusion…

via Tom Matlack: Standing Up For Gays In A Boston Catholic Church.

Despite one heckler, Father Unni’s speech was met with applause. Matlack says Father Unni became one of his heroes that night, and its easy to see why: he showed bravery and acceptance that the archdiocese didn’t and stood up for a group they wouldn’t.


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