Dreamcast Collection Review

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Video Games
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From left to right: Good, bad, weird, OK.

The Sega Dreamcast is a revered console among many gamers as a short-lived system ahead of its time. It saw many classic games like Jet Set Radio and Soul Calibur. It would make sense for Sega to release a collection of some of the systems best-loved classics.

Unfortunately, this isn’t that collection.

Dreamcast Collection brings together four games that poorly represent the system’s legacy: Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5: Part 2, and Sega Bass Fishing.

The first game, Sonic Adventure, was bad on the Dreamcast and it’s still bad on the Xbox 360. This game isn’t a classic, it’s the game that marked the decline of Sega’s mascot.

Crazy Taxi was a fun, popular game both on the Dreamcast and in arcades, so it makes sense for it to appear here. There’s still some fun to be had, but it hasn’t aged too well. It feels clunky and clumsy, even for an arcade driving game.

It’s a little confusing that Space Channel 5: Part 2 appears here since the first one was much more popular. It’s an odd rhythm game that won’t appeal to everyone. And in this day of Kinect dancing games and fake instruments, button-based gameplay feels dated.

The best game on this collection is Bass Fishing. It’s simple fun and aged pretty well. That said, it still doesn’t redeem the collection. Add the fact that both Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure are available on the Xbox Live Arcade, and there’s really no reason to pay $25 for this.


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