Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) of Knocked Up epitomizes pre-adulthood.

Apparently I’m doomed to be an immature loser.

Where Have the Good Men Gone?” discusses how men after college are stuck in a state of “pre-adulthood,” a state defined by videogames, beer, and laziness.

Meanwhile, women perform better in college and make greater strides in the workplace. This maturity gap leads to the decreasing rate of marriage among Americans in their late 20s, with fewer men seeking marriage and even fewer worth marrying.

I feel Kay S. Hymowitz relies on negative stereotypes to give her statistics a face. She portrays every single man in his late 20s as a Seth Rogen character. I doubt that every man who earns less than his partner is a lazy slob or every unmarried man is too busy playing videogames to commit.

As a man on a mostly female campus, I’m surrounded by smart, ambitious women every day. Most of them will probably outearn me, and I’m fine with that. Does this mean I lack ambition? I don’t think so.

I think Hymowitz doesn’t understand the current generation of men, and deems them losers because she doesn’t like certain cultural changes.

But her article does make me reflect on what it means to be a man, and I know I don’t want to be a Seth Rogen character by the time I’m 30.


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